Strategy to Build more than 100 followers on Medium
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Hurray! I woke up to 100+ followers on Medium today. And it’s been quite an exhilarating experience. 🏄‍♂️

I genuinely believe that we must celebrate wins in life with people who matter, and hence while 100 followers may not be a big deal to some, for me, it was an…

30 Day Challenge to Build Online Business — By Anurag Jain
30 Day Challenge to Build Online Business — By Anurag Jain

Whether you are a working professional looking to break free with online business tips, a student aspiring to build your dreams and looking for ideas on online business for students, or a stay-at-home individual wanting to do something on your own and are looking for an online business without investment…

Secret Sauce Behind Amazon’s Success — Learnings for Entrepreneurs
Learnings from Amazon — Honest Reflection from an Ex-Amazon Leader photo by author

What is the Secret Sauce that makes Amazon so successful? Well, I am glad you asked. …

New Writer Publications on Medium
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I have just completed a month on Medium and thought to share my experience with publications that encourage and support new writers, and played an important role in my journey till now. …

An Important Life Lesson
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Today, I wanted to share a very personal story hoping that it inspires you to learn from my mistake and save yourselves a lifetime of disappointment. It was a mistake that cost me dearly, gave me many sleepless nights and took away a portion of my life. 💔

The story…

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Do you want to achieve your Dreams? Do you want to get closer to your Goals? Well then, this one thing holds the key to getting you closer to what you want to get in life.

You must be wondering what I am talking about. Well, I am glad you…

Million Dollar Business Formula
Million Dollar Business Formula (Source — Created by Author on Canva Pro)

Would you believe there exists a Fail-Proof Secret Formula to Create Million Dollar Businesses?

Today, when 90% of the startups struggle to survive, it may come across as a far reality when I talk about launching dozens successful brands and businesses reaching millions of dollars, and that too with a pretty simple formula. So, I hope I have got you curious about this exciting…

Business Idea to Generate continuous growth and profit
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Little did I know that my day was about to change in a moment! 🔥

I had just finished my Induction and was on a routine Factory Visit with the Operations Head, and as we were walking across the floor, I noticed a big piece of machinery in the corner…

Leverage Cognitive Biases to Influence People, By Anurag Jain
Power of Influence (Source — Canva Pro by Tomertu)

Know what many successful marketers, investors, businesses have in common? Read more to discover for yourself and boost your success.

Whether you are a marketing person trying to acquire customers, a business trying to get potential buyers, a leader wanting to influence teams or an online entrepreneur aiming to get…

Unleash the Superhero Within (*Source: Canva — By Bulat Silvia)

You heard it right. There is a tried and tested formula that I use in my personal life, and have seen relationships recover from the most vulnerable phase, businesses turn around their growth, teams win in the worst possible scenario, people come out of the biggest shitholes in life. Do…

Anurag Jain

Digital Expert | Leadership Coach | International Business Leader | Million Dollar Startups Creator | Travel Enthusiast

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